Detailed feature Description


Mass emails

Send drag and drop made, HTML, or plain text high-performing emails to specific segments of your contacts, or schedule them to be sent later

Automatic emails - Auto responder - Transactional Email

Trigger one-time emails based on your user’s behavior. Put your content delivery or notifications on autopilot, based on your user’s actions.

Automated email sequences based on online behavior - Drip Campaigns -

Design an email sequence that automatically delivers your best marketing or sales emails to every subscriber, and automatically unsubscribe them based on their web behavior or when the set of emails finish. Onboard, educate, or sell on autopilot

Email follow ups with reply detection

Design an email sequence that automatically delivers your best sales and marketing emails to every contact, an automatically unsubscribe them based on their web behavior, if they reply, or when the set of emails finish. You can add people to email follow ups campaigns manually or automatically, from ConvertLoop or straight from your Gmail email compose box

Cold email prospecting

Generate leads, get meetings, and close more deals at a scale. You only need your Gmail/Gsuite/Office 365 account, and a list of contacts that you import manually or automatically to your email follow ups sequence on ConvertLoop

Email gallery and templates

Choose from our high-converting email templates or create your own and save them to be used in future campaigns. Save time and increase performance

Drag and drop editor

Now you don’t need a designer to create and send your emails: with our Drag and Drop editor, you can drag and drop the elements you need to design beautiful emails, or use HTML if you prefer

HTML Emails

Use our HTML code editor option, to create your email masterpiece with your own code

Plain text sendings

Send emails that look like you sent them from your personal inbox to start conversations with your prospects, schedule calls, or set up meetings to increase your sales

Email tracking and analytics

Track engagement and effectiveness stats such as open rate, clicks, replies, and more, to discover patterns and optimize your campaigns based on performance data

Reply detection

Automatically remove a contact from an email follow ups when they reply to any of the emails from your email sequences. Use this to remove people on reply when you are doing sales prospecting, cold outreach, follow ups, or looking to schedule meetings

Camapign Scheduling

Schedule mass email campaigns to be sent on specific dates and hours

Advance personalization

Personalize your emails with your contacts’ personal details using ConvertLoop’s dynamic variables. You can also insert any details regarding your user’s online behavior, once you are tracking it

Time-zone Setup

Set your ConvertLoop accounts to the time zone you need so you can send emails at the best time for your business

Replies in your inbox

Get the responses to any of the emails sent with ConvertLoop directly in a specific team member’s inbox

Advanced security system

Our email encryption technology prevents others from accessing your contacts’ information through web-scrapping

Pre-send email testing

Send as many test emails as you need and preview your messages before you send a campaign or turn on an email sequence

Email deliverability

Get industry-leading email deliverability to ensure your emails make it to your contacts’ inbox

Maximum Deliverability

Since all your emails are sent using your Gmail/Gsuite/Office365 inbox, they are delivered as if you’d sent them from your inbox, because you are! Don’t lose your emails to to the Promotions or Spam folder anymore

Chrome Extension

Use email templates, and add people to automatic email follow-up sequences directly from your Gmail. Increase your Inbox productivity to save time and close more deals. Check out our plug in in the Chrome Web Store

On-site messaging

Web notifications

Create any popup you like from our editor or inserting your own html. Set up the appearance, the segment you want to show them to, the trigger, specific pages you want them to appear, etc. Communicate with unidentified (you do not have their email yet) and identified visitors

Contacts Base

Imports via Excel and CSV

Manually import your contacts with an Excel or CSV file. You can import them manually to your general base of contacts, to a specific segment, or to a given drip campaign or email follow ups sequence

Connect your Web Forms

Grow your email list and trigger targeted one time emails o email sequences by connecting any web form you already have on your website

Connect Facebook and Instagram Lead Ad Froms

Automatically notify, welcome, onboard, educate or sell, to subscribers that have opted-in on any of your Facebook or Instagram lead ads. Two clicks native integration between your Facebook account and ConvertLoop

Automatic import via API

Automatically import your contacts to ConvertLoop via our API using Java Script, or from a server using one of our API libraries

No contact duplication

In ConvertLoop one email address will always be one person. Therefore, a contact will not be duplicated even if you import it several times or include it in several segments

Lead management

Have a centralized database of all your leads, segmented manually or automatically, and manage unique leads’ offline and online interactions with your brand, all in one place. Each contact has each own unique profile with personal and event tracking history

Web and behavior tracking

Website tracking

Track website visits by your contacts or unidentified visitors (you do not have their email yet). Know who is visiting your website, how often, and why, and trigger targeted messages based on specific page views

Custom event tracking

Set custom actions that you want to track on your website. Monitor who has executed what action and when they did it, to automatically segment your contacts and website visitors and trigger campaigns based on their behavior. You can add specific event properties to the actions you track (check out event metadata in our API)

Track unidentified website visitors

Know what people are doing on your website even if you do not have their email address yet. Check out ConvertLoop’s web notifications to get them to take action

Contacts and visitors unique profile

Each visitor (a person whose email you haven’t captured yet) and each contact will have a unique user profile in ConvertLoop, where you can check out their recorded actions, the segments they have belonged to, and all the messages you have sent them

Traffic source tracking

automatically records the traffic source for each visitor, and generates a report with this and other relevant information, such as the devices they use, their browser, etc., to better profile and segment your users

UTMs parameters tracking

ConvertLoop will automatically show the UTMs that are associated to each visit to your website or blog, linking them to specific people. This information allows you to determine which campaigns work best and enables you to do advanced segmentation

Custom events attributes tracking

if you need to monitor personalized attributes about your users (metadata), ConvertLoop allows you to capture this information individually or by attribute


Manual segmentation

Manually group your users by one or several criteria that are relevant for your business

Smart segmentation

Automatically include and remove contacts and visitors from a segment by combining one or several automation rules based on behavior, personal attributes, location, etc.

Segment exports

Export a specific group of users with one click

Segment via API

Automatically segment your users using our API

Reporting and Stats

Segments dashboard - Advanced report -

Analyze each interaction across your full customer journey. Improve engagement and lifetime value making decisions based on the actions your groups of users are taking over time

Events dashboard - Advanced report -

Analyze what actions and with which frequency your website visitors are taking or not on your website, to make strategic decisions based on behavior. Identify the behavior patterns for each one of your groups of users in real time

Web traffic and analytics dashboard

Know the traffic sources for each user segment and understand which campaigns work best to grow your business

Individual visitors activity report

Know what each contact or visitor has done on your website, individually or as a group, to make relevant business decisions and design strategies based on real data

Email and notifications campaigns dashboard - Aggregated report -

Understand the effectiveness of each of your campaigns individually or as a group


Connect to Facebook

Send leads from Facebook to ConvertLoop

Connect your CRM via Zapier

Connect your CRM via Zapier

Connect any web form

Connect the lead capture forms on your website or blog and send the information you capture directly to ConvertLoop

Gmail Integration for email sequences with reply detection

Connect your Gsuite or Gmail account to ConvertLoop and automatically remove people who reply to your emails from an automated sales sequence, increasing your sales team’s outreach ability and scaling the number of closed deals

Office 365 - Outlook integration for email sequences with reply detection

Connect your Office 365 or web Outlook account to ConvertLoop and automatically remove people who reply to your emails from an automated sales sequence, increasing your sales team’s outreach ability and scaling the number of closed deals

Chrome Extension

Use email templates, and add people to automatic email follow-up sequences directly from your Gmail. Increase your Inbox productivity to save time and close more deals. Check out our plug in in the Chrome Web Store

Total API access

Access all the libraries in our API REST


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