Email marketing automation
via Amazon SES

A custom marketing automation platform for your business with redically less cost

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Email marketing automation for less
via Amazon SES

Email blast

Send beautiful high-performing emails to specific segments of your contacts, or schedule them to be sent later

Auto Responders

Trigger one-time emails based on your user’s behavior. Put your content delivery or notifications on autopilot, based on your user’s actions

Email follow ups automation

Design an email sequence that automatically delivers your best marketing or sales emails to every subscriber, and automatically unsubscribe them based on their behavior. Onboard, educate, or sell on autopilot

Drag and drop email editor

Choose from our high converting pre-designed email templates, or create your own responsive templates for your marketing emails. No code skills required

Email Templates

Choose from our high-converting email templates or create your own and save them to be used in future campaigns. Save time and increase performance

Email tracking and analytics reports

Track engagement and effectiveness stats such as open rate, clicks, and more to discover patterns and optimize your campaigns, based on performance data

List imports via Excel, CSV, API

Manually or automatically import contacts to ConvertLoop straight to your general list of contacts, to a specific segment, or to a given email follow ups campaign (Drip campaign)

Advanced Segmentation

Based on your subscriber’s data, geolocalization, traffic source, behavior, and much more. Create groups of similar contacts manually or automatically, to send them highly-targeted, relevant messages

Connect web forms

Grow your email list and trigger targeted messages by connecting any web form you already have on your website

Connect Facebook and Instagram lead ad forms

Automatically notify, welcome, onboard, educate or sell, to subscribers that have opted-in on any of your Facebook or Instagram lead ads

Website tracking

Track website visits by your contacts or unidentified visitors (you do not have their email yet). Know who is visiting your website, how often, and why, and trigger targeted messages based on specific page views

Custom event tracking

Set custom actions that you want to track on your website. Monitor who has executed what action and when they did it, to automatically segment your contacts and website visitors and trigger campaigns based on their behavior. You can add specific event properties to the actions you track (check out event metadata in our API)

Track unidentified website visitors

Know what people are doing on your website even if you do not have their email address yet. Check out ConvertLoop’s web notifications) to get them to take action ( check out the Web Tracking and Analytics service)

Send leads to your CRM

Easily connect your CRM via Zapier

Access to unique customer profile

Access the unique profile of any of your contacts or unidentified website visitors (you do not have their email yet) to see their personal data, web behavior history, which segments they belong to, etc. It’s a totally free and simple built-in CRM

Full API access

Create contacts, add recipients to email follow ups sequences or segments , and react in real time to custom events when they are relevant to your business

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